Our workshops aim to provide scientific information regarding the many factors that come into play in the motivation process, such as the: biological, emotional, cognitive, and social forces that activate behaviour. 

They have a duration of 120 minutes and are fully customizable depending on the client’s needs.        


Scroll down the page or choose from the topics below to find out what workshops are suited for your needs:

1. Keeping up with our motivation
Discover what make us tick.
Learn strategies to keep yourself motivated.

Familiarize yourself with the growth mindset.

2. Creating and sustaining healthy habits
Master the power of habits - insights from psychology and neuroscience
Learn how to effectively create a good habit.

Discover the differences between commitment and willpower. 

3. How to motivate employees in the work from home context?
Get an understanding of addressing employees relevant needs.
Learn how to create an engaging environment.

Get to grips with the fact that each colleague is unique.

Get an understanding of what fires up your motivation!