Our workshops aim to raise awareness on stress-related issues and provide actionable strategies to reduce perceived stress.

They have a duration of 120 minutes and are fully customizable depending on the client’s needs.        


Scroll down the page or choose from the topics below to find out details about the workshops:

1. How to preserve and restore energy?
Discover why the recovery process is relevant for your mental and physical health.
Implement specific strategies that help you calm, relax, and ground yourself.

Discover types of microbreaks and why are they so important. 

2. How can we manage our stress when we work from home?
Find out which are the most important challenges and resources when you work from home.
Discover how you can you create healthy boundaries between work and life.

Get insights into the basic psychological needs.

3. What is resilience and how can we strengthen it?
Resilience, optimism, positive emotions - discover what might get in the way.
Learn how to identify your personal strengths.

Get an understanding of how irrational beliefs can affect your life. 

4. What is the role of emotions?
Understand the roles of emotions in your life.
Acquire strategies for emotional self-regulation.

Get insights into emotional competencies.

5. What is stress and how can we deal with it?
Learn about stressors and the many facets of the stress experience.
Discover insightful strategies for stress management.

Learn about how personal resources can help you in stressful situations. 

Learn to manage your stress!